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Virtual CTO  Brendan McKenna

Phone: +353 87 2253333


CTO and Technical Director at seven start ups & SME's since 1999 with over 30 years experience in ICT related technologies. Start up and corporate business experience at auto-id (RFID & barcodes), mobile radio and telecommunications related businesses. Brendan is a professional Scrum Master and specialises in business and technical requirements gathering and analysis, technical/ operational management, and technical design architecture and drafting of complex business systems.

CASE STUDY - SIM LOCAL: In 2016 Brendan was engaged by SIM Local (now part of the TravelWin group of companies) to solve a business problem that previous consultants had failed to solve. After some requirements analysis, Brendan came up with a design that was based on his deep understanding of the way mobile network operators systems are implemented. Backed by SIM Local, he then took a couple of developers who had worked with him before and implemented a minimum viable product based on that design, deployed it and proved its commercial viability and profitability within 9 months at minimal cost to the company using cloud based (AWS) technology. Brendan was then retained to put the product into a more robust dev and production setting. He proposed implementing a DevOps pipeline and using the latest CD/CI processes to accomplish this. Having developed a full project plan and costings he then led the implementation by hiring a team of developers and his replacement who took over the day to day running of the tech team in late 2017. Brendan was then retained by the TravelWin group to come up with a strategy and technology solutions to safeguard the business through the digital transformation into the new electronic SIM (eSIM) era. After working as a solution architect with a team of developers to develop key enabling technology for SIM Local, he again found someone to take over the day to day running (and marketing) of the new product.

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